Surf Group 1 day




This group class is specially designed for beginners and those who have tried a little before. A professional instructor is assigned to a small group of people. The course is perfect both to do it alone and to share it with friends or family.

The group surf class is structured to fit your skill level and experience. If this is your first time, you will easily learn all the basics and if you have practiced before, we will improve your technique.


64,50 €

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46,50 €

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1 – What it include

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The course is complete at no extra cost and includes:

• Pick up and return to your hotel / apartment (only south area)
• Neoprene suit
• Surf table
• Energy bar and mineral water.
• Officially certified instructors
• Full insurance
• Tutorials and safety videos at school.
• Theoretical and practical lesson on the beach.
• Innovative teaching method
• 10% discount in the store


2 – Would you bring

• Towell
• Sunscreen * (available in store)
• Dry clothes to change you
• Looking forward to having fun!

  • You will receive a reservation confirmation email
  • To confirm your reservation and develop it, they will contact you from the premium school that will provide the service.
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Activity Duration: 5 hours. Shuttle bus included.

Instructors: English / Spanish / Italian.

Photographs and professional video: Check price and availability.

Particular conditions:

  1. – The development of the activity will depend on the favorable weather conditions (tidal state, wave height, wind conditions, etc.). In case of starting the activity if after 10 minutes from its beginning, the weather conditions vary preventing its continuation, the date will be changed or a bonus will be issued without expiration for its exchange. In no case will the amount be refunded.
  2. – The provider reserves the right to cancel the service due to external causes such as adverse weather conditions or any other force majeure, and the amount paid will be reimbursed.
  3. – The user may cancel the reservation by notifying at least 48 hours in advance, with the provider reimbursing 100% of the amount.
  4. -If the cancellation is made within a period greater than 48 hours, only 25% of the amount will be refunded.

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